The EPC are US peace activists that are presently safeguarding the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC from self-appointed “president”, coup leader and US puppet, Juan Guaido and his agent Carlos Vecchio. The EPC seeks the negotiation of a Protecting Power Agreement in accordance with international law that will enable a neutral country to secure the embassy for Venezuela. Having staved off expulsion and arrest on Monday by federal authorities through citing Article 22 of the Vienna Convention, which unquestionably supports their presence, the EPC won an important victory against the Trump administration. 

However, EPC peace activists have been without food and water for several days now due to the interruption of services engineered by the Trump administration – in furtherance of its three failed coup attempts against the lawfully elected president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and his embassy in Washington, DC. Despite Trump’s protest and intervention, Maduro remains recognized as the president of Venezuela by the United Nations. 

Not only has DC law enforcement cut services to the embassy but they also serve as agents of a right-wing mob that blocks the delivery of food, water and medicine by supporters of the EPC that keep vigil outside the embassy. DC law enforcement routinely stands idly by as peace activists are assaulted by Guaido’s mob that encircles the embassy.  Additionally, Peace activists are subject to arrest when they attempt to throw food to EPC members stationed by the embassy’s open second story windows. 

Carlos Vecchio’s desire to occupy the embassy is confounding to all since he lacks any diplomatic authority.  As one peace activist commented,

“Vecchio can’t even issue a dog license, never mind a Venezuelan passport or visa.  What’s he going to do in there? Plan another failed coup.”

The Reverend Jesse Jackson and a faith based coalition plan to deliver humanitarian aid consisting of food and water to the EPC today. On Saturday, May 18th a caravan of vehicles is heading to Washington DC in support of the EPC.  For transportation from NYC write: [email protected]


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