Why do people attend pointless parades anymore? Is it because they’re programmed to latch onto #Collectivism of a dying thing called #Culture?

They have no idea that by partaking in these type of fruitless and low energy #spiritual events that they’re slamming their Human #value and #Culture further into the parapet of hopelessness. People may feel some kind of notion that once there were parades in the streets of #Britain that meant something. The celebration of #talent and #crafts and #community.

Now parades are used as a way of celebrating #egos, #consumerism and passive aggressive methods of #political and social #collectivism. When does anyone ever see parades or local events that are not sponsored by the brands and companies who take so much from people and give so little back? Parades are now an acceptance by humans of being victims to an all powerful entity called #MONEY. 

Participants take part in the London LGBTQ Parade.