Royal Marines are in Bahrain for Exercise Pearl Dagger.

“In terms of individual training, every marine in the company has benefitted from the live firing,” Major Chris Burr, Officer Commanding of Alpha Company said.

“We are not often lucky enough to have two weeks, back-to-back, on the ranges in the UK as there is such a great demand. This has given us a chance to return to basics and then build up to advanced application on all weapon systems including, pistol, SA80 and sharpshooter. From a collective training point of view, the Urban Training Facility here is world class.”

The MoD say in a release that the unit have tested themselves in a range of environments in various countries – from Albania and Qatar, to the Far East – while on duty with the Royal Navy’s Amphibious Task Group.

“UK Amphibious Task Group (COMATG) exists to respond to unfolding crises anywhere in the world where the UK’s national interests may be at risk.

As well as conducting annual deployments worldwide to prove the global reach of the Royal Navy, the task group has been activated for many operations in recent years.”