Civil-Military Cooperation for Medical care of sailors at sea and ashore was the focus of the 22nd NATO Maritime Medical Conference, hosted by the Irish Naval Service and led by Allied Maritime Command last month in Cork, Ireland.

NATO say that in conjunction with the medical conference, the 46th Medical Naval Panel Plenary took place, serving as a forum to discuss naval medicine and fine tune NATO doctrine.

According to the Alliance:

“The conference included insightful lectures presented by many medical professionals including Colonel Gerald Kerr, Director of Irish Armed Forces Medical Branch, who depicted the past; present and future of Irish Armed Forces Medical Service, Dr.

Johan Ullman, Swedish Navy, who underlined one popular ongoing study on fast patrol boat related injuries and Cdr Itamar Netzer, Surgeon General of Israel Navy, presented a comprehensive overview of Exercise Crystal Sea 18 during NATO Operation Sea Guardian in December 2018 pointing out the importance of cooperation with MARCOM for improving Maritime Medical Support and the ability for MARCOM also to play a significant t role as a maritime advocate in Medical Support Domain.”

Senior medical personnel, from 25 nations (Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States of America), representing NATO, Partners and other Nations, presented and discussed naval medicine topics over three days.

“Improving networking and sharing knowledge and best practices in the Maritime Medical domain are key factors to increase cooperation and simultaneously insure the best treatment for our sailors at sea.” said Captain Filippo la Rosa, Medical Advisor to MARCOM and chair of the NATO Maritime Medical Conference.

“The success of this conference is steadily growing, along with its importance over the years and underlines the maritime advocacy role of MARCOM in Maritime Medical Support.”