His followers instantly registered their concern. ‘You might want to be super careful using this symbol if you don’t want to be confused with white supremacist creeps’, tweeted one. ‘Didn’t have you down as part of the alt-right’, tweeted another.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, 4chan shit-stirrers decided a few years back to troll us ‘normies’ by spreading a hoax that the ‘okay’ gesture was a coded symbol for white power. And since then, some actual white supremacists have adopted it. The New Zealand mosque murderer even flashed it in court.

The trolls’ aim, it seems, was to make Twitter lose its shit at perfectly innocent people. In turn, it has allowed real racist scumbags to claim an inflated influence, as their okay-signing footsoldiers were suddenly spotted everywhere. Some of Fry’s followers seem to have fallen into the trap.

Fry, as it happens, responded to it all well:

Good on him. The internet is enough of a mess without gesture-policing becoming a thing.

Picture by: Getty.