The Western World’s media is fuelled by Cocaine and its consumers are working away in a state of opiate bliss: What does this mean for Human Spirituality?

20% Cocaine production goes up in #South #America. 20% gang violence increases in #London.

20% extra #revenue for the CIA, #MI5, #MI6 and mobsters posing as ‘official agents’ all get a bumper #Christmas bonus.

The plan of flooding London and indeed the #West with #Opium and #Cocaine has worked.

If anyone cares to look back at the practices of Alchemy administered by the Priesthood who are now #rebranded as #Scientists, all drugs have a spirit.

They’ve disassociated Humans as spirits, it used to be Body Soul #Spirit, now #Mind #Body #Soul. This is because these ‘verbal pirates’ are working their spells in language to hide everything in plain sight – To go unnoticed.

If you dismiss what I say as #bollox, go look yourself.

All the Police and Government reports are the direct effect of the #Priesthood using #Alchemy to change the spirit of #Humanity.

Cocaine brings out the #Devil in you – the darkest depths of #Humanity is awakened.

Look at the amount of media is consumed that’s ridden with the spirit of #Cocaine. It’s disgusting.

Look at your #mothers, #fathers, family even yourself drugged up on the spirit of #Opiates, pushing out your daily #HumanResource, adding to the power of your #Master #Priest’s Staff. 

You are their #Staff.

You are under their con-troll. If you identify this, you can break free.

According to some spiritualists, drugs destroy the ability to transcend…

Pablo Sender says:

“Generally speaking, we could say that there are three planes of perception “above” the physical that are of a psychic nature; and three more above these, which are, properly speaking, spiritual. By the psychic dimensions, we mean realms in which a person exists in a nonphysical state, but is still affected by ignorance, a sense of separateness, and self-centeredness. It is only when consciousness works in the spiritual dimensions that it is really free from all these limitations, and the person expresses qualities such as peace, wisdom, love, and compassion.

The astral plane is basically sensuous in nature. Its lower part is the realm of passions and desires, and stimulates the animal nature in us. It also can bring quite terrifying experiences. But the higher aspect of this world is alluring, being far more beautiful and pleasant than the physical one. So what would be wrong with experiencing this level of the astral plane?

When spiritual seekers become aware of this delightful plane, they are in danger of getting caught in this world and abandon any higher search. For this reason, Christian mysticism interpreted such perceptions, which frequently occur to mystics, as temptations put in their way by Satan to lead them astray.

The perception of astral realities will eventually come to those who are pursuing a spiritual discipline. But this in and of itself does not constitute a spiritual experience. In fact, opening oneself to this perception prematurely and artificially is an unnecessary risk for those who are seeking to tread the spiritual path. True spiritual realities are beyond the realm of sensual stimulation, whether physical or astral.

HPB wrote to the members of the Esoteric Section of the Theosophical Society:

The use of wine, spirits, liquors of any kind, or any narcotic or intoxicating drug, is strictly prohibited. If indulged in, all progress is hindered, and the efforts of teacher and pupil alike are rendered useless. All such substances have a directly pernicious action upon the brain, and especially upon the “third eye,” or pineal gland . . . They prevent absolutely the development of the third eye, called in the East “the Eye of Siva.” (Blavatsky, Collected Writings, 12:496)

Geoffrey Hodson observed a similar effect:

Continued use, in fact sometimes even a single dose of a drug like LSD can permanently damage the delicate mechanism of consciousness in the brain, especially relating to the brain’s switchboard of the thalamus and hypothalamus along with the pineal and pituitary glands, and by so doing prevent any real spiritual progress from proceeding in that lifetime.

Geoffrey Hodson, having worked in the field of energy healing, frequently dealt with the ill effects of different types of harmful practice. His observations corroborate those of Leadbeater, at least in regard to the first kind of effect described above. Referring to the etheric web as a “shield,” Hodson said:

When illicit drugs are ingested there is a tendency to break down this shield enabling negative influences from the astral world to enter the aura, especially through the chakras which are the psychic sense organs. These problems can range from hallucinations and delusions to a full-scale obsession by a human or sub-human entity. If the process of abuse has occurred to an advanced degree – no amount of repair that I am able to do will help.

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