Spin this on its head. All spells the #Empire and its #Priesthood does have to be Broad-CAST. There is always the message and the political intent. The political intent is to DODGE what’s really going on and the message is the CORE of the spell. The #Empire by Law cannot do anything without telling us, they tell us everything in some form or another, mostly hidden using #Legalese and broad-CASTS like this one.

1. I’ve reported on the building of the biggest British Army base in Somalia, Africa. This report is now gone from the MSM.

2. UK, USA and proxy wars clearing out the Arabian Sea.

3. British investment all over Africa in infrastructure companies, cement, water, new power stations etc etc.

4. Declarations that the #Empire still owns #Africa and will be set on path by 2022.

5. China enemy no.1 over Russia. The Chinese Kenyan base will be crushed at some stage mark my words.

6. Special Forces and MI6 have been softening the African Horn and other countries through proxy wars and illegal arms trade for over 10 years now.

7. Genocide on a huge scale in Yemen and Africa.

8. Get ready for the #EV revolution and a big fallout from #Arab countries. What will happen when the #West doesn’t need #oil anymore? Just look at how the regions are being softened by ISIS, the rebranded proxy war specialist terrorist team run by Mossad, CIA and MI6. #Empire hopes nothing due to the levelling of every country except Saudi Arabia. This for me is why Saudi is bombing Yemen, it will take over the land and become the sea port for the Arabian Seas.

Look at her silly dancing.